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Want to capture your web audience?

Highlight your Branding with a Favorites Icon. A Favorites Icon is an image that appears next to a site name in the navigation bar of many browsers and in browser bookmarks or favorites lists. Along with the Favorites Icon we'll place a visible link on your site, (or provide the code to you) so your viewers can add your website to their Favorites List with just one click.

In fact, Favorites Icons are fast becoming an important aspect of brand identity online. A Favorites Icon serves as a visual shortcut to your URL, a "mini-logo" that helps users remember and return to your site. Visitors can quickly identify it in browser tabs without having to read the URL address. And if someone bookmarks your site, your unique Favorites Icon will help your site stand out on their favorites list.

Having a Favorites Icon can increase your online credibility. Remember, your Favorites Icon is often your visitors' first impression of your brand online. Make it a great one! Contact us today and have your Favorites Icon created just for you. We will contact you as soon as we receive your email.

Some examples of Familiar Favorites Icons McDonalds www.WebRocketHosting.net

Favorites Icon Design


Includes HTML code for adding link to Favorites List.
Try out our link & see our www.WebRocketHosting.net at WebRocketHosting.net

All Favorites Icons dimensions are 16x16 pixels.
We can attempt to use your current logo or create a more simplistic one for the icon purpose.

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